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May Takeover Stoned Blows

This episode is about taking over your life for the better. We are so used to giving everyone our all but ourselves, not it's time to take that back. Dive into real thoughts on making better changes in your life and owning your essence. Listen to my story on trust: how you never know when it's going to truly test you. This episode is a close on to the heart because after putting up with so much nonsense throughout the year, a change is definitely on the horizon. Roll up, grab a drink, or simply sit back and listen to my vent about real life problems. Enjoy the sounds of grass being cut right in the middle of my sentence lol. Beginner Podcaster woes. — Send in a voice message:
  1. May Takeover
  2. Episode 4: Fake the funk?
  3. Episode 3: The Talking Stage
  4. Stoned Blows: Episode 2
  5. A message on Lessons. STONED BLOWS PREVIEW EPISODE!