Support System

Today’s post is about support.

The real reason I am making this post is because I wasn’t happy with the support system or lack of support system I was getting. I noticed people only show up or show out for those who they truly rock with, even if they say you are their friend. This truly frustrated me and also made me distant with certain people because I was just not having it; not cool. What’s also not cool is me getting in my feelings because of the actions of others. If people do not rock with you, it’s truly fine folks. What you need to learn from that is: stop putting all your energy into people who are not giving the same energy back. We all understand life: it gets hectic, especially with getting older. Time gets spent up on family or work, so you don’t really have all the time to be social. Nonetheless, in certain situations there is no excuse. Take note, stay calm, and stay friendly but know your place. Know your support system. When you are ever feeling down, if you feel like you can’t turn to anyone you need to reevaluate your circle. When you are trying to launch a business and the support is low, reevaluate your circle. If you are trying to talk about moving up in life and your circle isn’t focused on those types of movements, you need to reevaluate your circle. If the crowd you are hanging around is drifting you further away from God, you need to reevaluate your circle. Down in the dumps with no one to help you back on your feet? Find a new circle. If you can’t ever ask your loved ones for money without issues, change your circle.

Surround yourself with righteous people. People who have your best interest in mind or like minded interests in mind. All around the world many people have always said, ” if you show me your company, I’ll show you who you are or will be.” In many ways that phrase is accurate, in some situations you can be around people who aren’t really on the same wavelength but never turn to their ways. In life, having a great support system is a crucial part of living. Your loved ones can make life worth living or make it miserable, it all depends on you. Choose people who will truly uplift you: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, or spiritually. Choose people who they themselves are trying to receive more out of life. Choose people who can see you about to make a bad decision and stir you into the right path. Choose people who will answer you call in the AM to calm you down from a panic attack. Choose people who will support your endeavors. Choose people who will not envy your upcoming success. Choose people who are not plotting for your downfall. Choose correctly.

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I pray that we all have a strong support system in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. Life is only going to become harder before it gets better. Everything takes time. My heart goes out to those who do not have a strong support system or don’t have a system at all. Those are people I keep in my prayers because they have it the hardest. Five months left in 2021, let’s focus on getting our lives together. Let’s really focus on the goals we forgot we set in January. Let’s remember to love each other and support each other. Be kind to one another. Let’s remember to LIVE! Yes, nowadays we all want to make money and live a life of luxury: but how about living an enjoyable life? You can make all the money in the world and not live to spend any of it, so remember tomorrow is not promised and try to enjoy life.


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