Saturday Outlook

Good Morning and Happy Sabbath to all my fellow Seventh-day Adventist. It’s been a whirlwind type of week but we must try to remain focused and positive. I just want to thank the heavens for allowing us all to see another day, I also want to thank them for the lives of those who have not made it; Sleep in Peace. While we are on this topic, Sleep in peace to the Muslim family who were hit this week, it’s a sad and sick world we live in when people can just take a life so carelessly. Life is a precious gift: even when it is constantly beating you down, life is still something to give thanks for.

So thank you God for sparing me even though sometimes I take my very breath for granted. Thank you for allowing me to still learn important lessons on life and survive. Thank you for a shoulder to cry on when no one else understands or cares to listen. Thank you. It’s a challenge to remain optimistic and religious in the times of now, we as a species have forgotten our roots. We’ve turned to other substances as our vices and coping mechanisms, we’ve sold ourselves short for money because there’s no time for patience, and we treat each other horribly even though God has shown us the way to love one another. How sad God must be looking down upon the world and see our actions. How disappointed he must be to see how far we’ve stooped for personal gain. How angry he must be with the leaders of this world and their poor leadership. Sad.

One thing I do know is that MY God is a forgiving one. So no matter how far you’ve strayed: as long as you haven’t grieved the Holy Spirit, you can still make it to the pearly gates. Still one of my top goals! This life is filled with ups and downs and I truly cannot wait for the day that sin and it’s awful doings are cleansed from this earth and the new Jerusalem is set up for us. Don’t get me wrong, I get mad at God sometimes: like why continue to let us suffer, me suffer? The hardest mental battle you will ever have, trying to understand what may seem like madness. Nonetheless folks, keep pushing forward! As I look around the globe I can see “signs of the times,” God is coming soon! Slowly seeing the plaques come upon the land: all the issues with rodents and insects, increasing famine and poverty, the mark of the beast seems to be slowly pushing itself forward, and the governments agenda for the new generation has definitely changed. The push of all these unholy things is a sign that God is coming; we are living in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. The earths landscape changes quickly and turning on the news every day, you see people are losing their lives: carelessly! We need to wake up and change ourselves now while our calling and election is sure. Repent and ask for forgiveness because this world is only going to become worst before it’s better. That does NOT mean give up hope folks, we still have a lot of live for regardless of the state of the world. Remember you are/were fearfully and wonderfully made, science still can’t wrap their heads around certain things about the human body and that just goes to show how magical you are!

I will leave this post by saying don’t forget who you are: a blessing to this earth. Cherish the time you have now with loved ones. Cherish the planet while we are still on here and able to receive it. Cherish the small things. Love yourself despite your shortcomings. Continue to pray even if you feel it’s not being heard, Gods timing is not necessarily your timing. Be patient and work hard. I pray we all see better days soon and can meet at the pearly gates together. I pray for the mental stability for anyone who needs it. I pray for the lighten load on anyone’s heavy shoulders. I pray for the financial boost or freedom whoever is reading this needs to make ends meet and enjoy life. I pray for anyone sick with ailments that the ultimate physician touches and heals you. I pray for anyone suffering from depression. I pray for all the hard works who may be juggling school, work, and kids just to a float. I pray for the bullied victims around the world. I pray for anyone who needs a prayer today: may the heavens free your mind, body, and soul from whatever it’s holding you back from your full potential.

Happy Saturday Folks, Stay Safe always! ☀️

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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