Grinding Gears

You know what truly grinds my gears, when people assume they know who you are. They act like they understand you. They pretend to get where you’re coming from. They assume you meant something else from what you actually said. My whole thing is the human race has forgot about one key component: Listening. Instead of making assumptions, why don’t people ever ask? NO ONE can tell me about me. You are not inside my body to know how these emotions work or how my body feels. They make up accusations towards you whenever you try to explain yourself. They assume you’re doing too much or too sensitive, simply because you’ve asked them to treat you better. They assume you’re fake because you don’t automatically diss someone. They assume you’re a bitch because your face is always straight. They assume you’re too wild and unprofessional because of how loud your voice carries. They assume you’re not good enough by your looks or bank account. Assumptions: the shit that TRULY grind my motherfucking gears!

STOP ASSUMING AND LISTEN! LISTEN WHEN PEOPLE TALK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOUR! Listen when people talk to you about their pain! Listen when someone tries to explain their feelings. Just listen folks. I’m done giving people the benefit of the doubt, just taking them exactly how they are. Every time, I accept people for who their are regardless of what they’ve done and I move accordingly. No one can seem to accept me. Most of the people in my life have know me for a long time so for them to still not have a fucking clue who I truly am is not surprising at all. THATS BECAUSE I DONT SHOW THE FULL ME! So how can you sit down and assume you know who I am when I don’t show you the full me? This blog is based on me being a pathological liar before…. what makes you think you have a good idea of my character when all I did was lie?! Y’all thought I lost my virginity already until I came clean and said I lied because I wanted to be a part of the team. Y’all swear I was deep into my fitness when I lost almost 40lbs in 2018 but it was stress, depression, and barely eating was the reason for my “impressive” weight loss, but I never told anyone. People don’t truly care for the background information they just go solely on what they can physically see, and that’s the downfall of all mankind. Looks can be deceiving. Grow the hell up and stop making your own definition of someone. I’ve met a stripper who was dancing to pay for med school. I’ve met a homeless person who was a big time doctor back in his home country. I’ve met a drug addict who was a top lawyer in America until his wife died and he had a mental breakdown. I’ve met an escort who was only selling her body to pay for her fathers medical bills WHILE in University! STOP JUDGING BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THROUGH! You don’t know what life has done or will do for the people around you so be kind. Be loving. Be nonjudgmental. Be open. Be loyal. Be real. And mind your GOT DAMN BUSINESS!

Gotta do better as a people! So stop telling me you know me because you only know what I tell you. There’s stories you’ll never read on my blog because those are being taken to the grave. Stop grinding people’s gears by acting like you know…. but don’t know shit. I might have been a pathological liar to advance myself in life but when I’m actually having a convo with you… believe me words and remember I also don’t owe you shit.

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