Here we are again: another Sunday.

It’s the last week of April and I hope things have changed for the better in your life all this month. As you can see around the world, it’s been hard to watch all the negative things happening. The pandemic continues to do a number on a lot of us and the government has been proving itself to be ran by idiots. My thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone facing hard challenges right now around the world. There’s no words to truly comfort you all but nonetheless, I pray your situation changes soon. As we enter the new week, continue to remember that you have meaning and purpose. I see and know people who’ve been struggle right now mentally, physically, and spiritually: I too understand how you feel. You develop a feel of hopelessness and simply just survive the days. Well, I just want to say that it’s time to change that way of think. The law of attraction is real folks. Positive thinking brings positive results; it may not be the results you want but it will bring you a step forward towards your ultimate goal.

This month I took it upon myself to change myself for a more beneficial life. A life that I can say freely that I’ve truly lived. Yes, I’ve been through a lot of traumatic things but lessons they were nonetheless. Even the things I didn’t deserve, help shaped me into the person I am today. Do not define yourself by the actions of others. You are NOT them. What they did was wrong but you should not view yourself less than because of THEIR actions. take the salt with the sugar. Some times situations are out of your hands, but the issue is we dwell and make it define our future. The goal is healing. Recharge. Heal from the pain that holds you back. Heal from the dreams you had that never came true. Don’t just give up because things don’t go your way or because of being hurt. Change starts within. With all that being said, I pray you all have a positively changing week. Focus on your health, wealth, true friends and family, and your neighbor. Put the guns down. Stop these stupid lock down restrictions. Treat your partners with respect. Be loyal to your friends. Help those in need. Stay Safe. HOLD THOSE ACCOUNTABLE! Let’s all live a life worth living.

Happy Sunday Guys, please stay safe and mindful of your surroundings. Support each other. Learn from each other. Love each other.

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