Dear Diary

I’ve figured it out…. it’s me . I am the reason I can’t find someone, I am the reason I keep losing friends, I am the reason my mental health is declining, I am the reason my physical health is declining. It’s my fault. My fault for thinking I can find someone as loving as me in a partnership. My fault for being so trusting and considerate to my so called friends. My fault for not thinking more highly of myself even though others do. My fault for my sedentary lifestyle and laziness for getting my health this low…. I placed the blame on everyone else when it was truly me this whole time. The only person you can truly fuck with is yourself: not family, not friends, and DEFINITELY not lovers. I understand now. I get it. If I want change I gotta be the change. I’ve said this more times in my life than I can count but today I finally am taking my own advice. I apologize to everyone who I tried to place the blame on… it’s my fault. I should have known not everyone has your best interest in mind. With that being said, I’m taking over the month of May, for me and me alone.

[Bee signed out]

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