Alright guys! This is not a drill or practice, this is business. Let’s get into it.

Now we’ve been living a little bit too lackadaisical for a while now, the world has changed and continues to change. There are more ways to create generational wealth than ever before. So how does this help you? There’s no better time than the present to make one simple change for a long term benefit. Let me break it down:

We’ve gotten so accustomed to the steps: go to school, get a career, and retire in your 60s. How is that going for you? If you’re like me, then you’ve probably had enough of the workforce. Getting up everyday to go to some job: maybe it was hard to find jobs in your field, confused in school so you never went to post – secondary, or you’re simply rethinking the career you are in now. Maybe that career didn’t pay well, you didn’t have the money to go to college, or you had to take time off for personal reasons. Whatever the issue is: the question is “How can we change that?” I am no expert, I am simply a beginner myself but I have truly learned a lot from doing some research. The opportunities are endless but it’s just too far to grasp for some. Sadly, this is how life goes and to those with that issue: I hope your situation changes soon. I’ve been there, down in the dumps, no job, eating once a day because I have no money for food, NOT EATING, and wearing the same clothes in rotation for YEARS! No ones struggle is less or more important than the other, we all fall on hard times. There is though, one thing that can hopefully keep you going: Faith. Faith that your time will come and all the hard times would have been a great lesson on humility. #Changethedynamic.

If you’re are looking into buying a car/house, saving for school, going on vacation, or doing anything big in the near future your best bet is to start a 3-5 year plan. That means opening up a TFSA(Tax Free Savings Account) or a GIC( Guaranteed Investment Certificate). Bank interest on your fixed payments or any time you feel like adding money to your account. These accounts are usually locked, so if you want to be able to withdraw whenever you feel like then you should probably look into different types of TFSAs and GICs. This is a great way to manage your money and curbing the habit of spending too much money. Simply organize yourself on how much you are able to deposit. Do NOT overwhelm yourself. Most have NO minimum balance: so if you only have $10 to spare then put that $10 in your account. Interest is interest. Don’t just take my word: make sure to do your own research because everyone’s situation is different, so find the perfect setup for yourself.

If you are planning for a more long-term plan like retirement, then your the next step would be to tap into your RRSPs, open a trading account, or get yourself a stockbroker. Please note that this is mostly recommended for 10 years+ plans. This is specifically for the future! Start early to reap the benefits; they never told us these important things in school. If you are struggling right now with bills, loans, debts, and more- than this might not be where you want to touch on as yet. Sort those situations out first then start this plan. If you’re a daredevil, don’t listen to me then. I only say that because you want to be able to live off basically 10-20% of your monthly pay; with the uncertainty of stocks and trading, you won’t always see returns: another thing you have to be cool with: losing money. You lose some and you win some: that’s just life. Either way you still make a bank that can change a lot of things in your current lifestyle.

My last point in this post is: Multiple Incomes. Get you a side hustle, something that can bring in a little pocket change or something that can make you quit your current job. Sell merchandise, start a website, make a YouTube account on your talent – there’s a lot of activities people are taking part in because of the pandemic, so if you got a skill ( dancing, painting, accounting, tutoring, fitness instructor etc) then tap into that skill now. Make an income doing something that you are not only good at but also love doing; the best job you’ll ever have. The one pay check life can be beneficial to some but speaking as someone who didn’t go to school, I have to think outside education. I know I am smart and when I’m more stable I will go to school: I’ve already been mailed all my transcripts. For the time being, I am thinking outside the box on how to make money. Yes, I want quick money but long term money is looking more promising. I don’t mind if it takes 10 years for me to be a millionaire, when the day comes it will be glorious. I just want to live comfortably and take care of my family and friends properly. Change the values of the planet. Somehow make a difference, regardless of how minor or major. So, your girl has been working 2.5 jobs, every night for the past two weeks I’ve been doing research on stocks/trading, rrsps, my company stocks, savings accounts, expanding my blog and podcast, and finally Google Ads. The enlightenment is great because I can see the applied results from doing my background search.

I truly hope with dedication and manifestation we all see better days. A more uplifting lifestyle that heals our mind, body, and soul. It’s not about being rich or fame, it’s about being wealthy. In my mind I have defined wealth differently: absent from money. Wealth is a lifestyle, an aura, an energy; wealth is wellness, a mindset, a characteristic. Wealth is health. I am not wealthy in money but I am wealthy in love, hope, determination, family, friends, and health. You have gold in the form of loved ones, God, waking up every morning, and beauty. Don’t let your mind get carried away by the glam and glory, make a change for the bettering of your life and those around you. Stay focused because you can lose everything you’ve worked for if you lose sight of why you worked for it. The social world has done a number on everyone but don’t get caught up, remember to keep owning YOUR essence.

I pray we all become the first millionaire’s in the family.

Day 6 Goal: apply yourself to supply your wealth.

Today’s Wellness: 10 minutes of mediation. Two chapters of a novel.

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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