The GOT DANG truth!

I am a BOSS! Now I ain’t talking about some regular degular shxt, I’m talking about big baller BOSS! I don’t know why I let my mind take over the fact that I am a leader; WE are leaders. This life we have is OURS, so why do we keep downplaying and bashing ourselves when deep down we know we are the shxt. If we are going by the values of today, I am still winning because I got dudes ready to spend their last dollar on me, I’m alive, I’m dark chocolate, chunky but sexy, and I’m the life of the party. I don’t got the dollars but you wouldn’t think less than when I step out to an event! Forget all that though, I know I’m a boss for the simple fact that I was born this way. We were all born to be the boss/leader of our lives but we want to be the best over others. That’s how we got “lost in the sauce,” trying to one up each other. Instead of helping your brethren or being a tool of guidance and emotional healing, we backstab and envy each other. A life not worth living. This is why I don’t feel no ill towards anyone I don’t talk to anymore and I bare no scorn for men would’ve done me wrong in the past: these were all just lessons to be learned. Healing from the wounds that aren’t on display can be one of the toughest but most necessary task you will have to accomplish. So like I said, I’m a BOSS! I am the leader taking ahold of my destiny alongside the power of the heavens! Together we will manifest the positive blessings needed in my life and it will be prosperous! I claim in the lords name that this year will be the turning point in each and everyone’s lives. Even if it has to get worst before it gets AMAZING, I am ready to claim this BOSS status. Let the curve come to you by being open to it, we keep ourselves down by watching the change in the lives of others and becoming fixated on why our time hasn’t come. It will come. Remember and believe it will. Faith is unseen but necessary, a little hope goes a long way.

With that being said, can’t nobody say anything to me now. I’m doing what I want to make MY life and my peoples lives better. Changing myself because I want to change not because I’m trying to be accepted by others. Loving myself because I deserve true love and it will also teach me how to truly love another. Accepting my flaws without judgement and working on fixing what needs fixing. Remembering that people are who they are and it doesn’t need to represent who I am; there’s no need for me to step out of character because of the actions of others. Waiting for the desires of my heart without prejudice to how long it make take. Finally, owning my beauty. I’ve felt so disgusted by my appearance for a while now and if I want to see myself in a better light, I need to make the steps to improve my health. Accepting my imperfections and being okay with who I am. You can get all the compliments in the world but if you don’t truly feel beautiful, it will fall on deaf ears; fake “thank yous.” S

So returning back to the reason I made this blog, here is a truth: I AM A BOSS AND SO ARE YOU!! PERIODT!

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