Dear Diary

Change is in the air and it smells like bull crap. Now don’t get a girl wrong, change can be a beautiful thing: it shows growth and understanding, but is it bad for me to say it’s too late? Like you had a chance to truly change the outcome of your actions but didn’t care, so is it wrong for me to turn around and not care for your change? It’s too little too late. You had a chance to make things right but decided to continue to treat people bad. NOW this doesn’t mean I won’t accept your apology, it just means that it’s too late for us to move forward. Second chances have never been a thing for me: in my head you work out what needs to be worked out and treat people right the first time. Idc if you’ve changed your ways after the fact, if you truly loved and respected someone certain things you wouldn’t do. Certain words won’t be said and certain actions won’t be displayed. I am no different, only thing is I admit when I mess up, I can apologize for my wrong doings even if I’m in the right. Change is in the air and it smells like freedom. Freedom from the people who didn’t care about me but want to come back after the fact. There’s no second time around with me, so take your leave and be blessed. 🙏🏿

[Bee signed out]

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