The Bad Guy…

so what are you going to say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me? … Here lies the body of a loud, rambunctious yet kind-hearted woman who wouldn’t treat me the way I treated her…Here lies the woman who always gave people the benefit of the doubt even when her gut told her they shouldn’t be trusted… Rest In Peace, my turn up friend, who I fucked over. A true throat baby and the best listener. Ashes to ashes, dust to frenemies.

*beyonce voice*

RIP to her. Sleep now in peace from the heartless and confused, the bewildered and the belittling folks.

I’m always the bad guy…

  • You’re doing too much
  • You’re bipolar
  • It’s not that serious
  • Forget your principle
  • You’re fake
  • You’re too emotional
  • That was unnecessary
  • Deal with it

Some of things I hear when I react to the actions of others… Why don’t you guys ever call yourself out for your actions but it’s always the reaction that is important. How about we learn to stop doing the dumb shit we do and maybe there wouldn’t be a negative reaction…? Doesn’t that make more sense then coming for someone? It’s crazy because when placed in a similar position, people either act the same way you do or worst sometimes. Maybe you are at a point in life where you couldn’t careless, but I am not. I still have feelings: maybe not as strong but they are definitely still there. So EXCUSSSSSE ME for not putting up with the constant bullshit. You wanted a bad guy, here she is.

To all the people who took my kindness for weakness or will attempt to, today is a new day. I don’t care who you are or where you are in life, the foot is coming down. From now on the brute force will be coming down. Oh so you thought that I was going to give you all this love and attention forever? NOPE! You don’t realize the great thing in front of you, it’s time we showed it to someone else. Oh so you thought because we’ve known each other so long, you can’t be completely cut off? It’s funny because I’ve been going through a situation with a few ex-friends this past week and they all messaged me and said to delete/block them… I laughed, wanna know why? THEY WERE ALREADY DELETED! You see there this thing called emotional intelligence and I have a HIGH IQ! I can feel the energy coming before it even hits and I take action before you do. This is another reason why males don’t like me so much because I always end things before they do. I can feel the distance, the fuckery, the lack of love, or simply when someone doesn’t really rock with you the same way anymore. Notice is posted and I respond accordingly.

With that being said, the heart is cold. Now I am not saying I am heartless now, I’m just cold. If you want to warm my heart you gotta do more now than ever before. That benefit of the doubt shit is DONE: if someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE them. NEXT! “Blood is thicker than water.” At the end of the day, you’re own family can not have your best interest in mind. You’re own family members can be the ones to nail the metaphorical nail into the coffin of your mind. So to that phrase I say… “Shut the hell up, family ain’t shit either.” When you realize family ain’t shit also, the whole world turns into an enemy. ABSOLUTE DISTRUST FOR ANYONE! I wish that sibling all the best in life and I’ll be sure to remain in the lives of their offsprings because I love them regardless, but I only have ONE sibling now.

Introducing the Bad guy: Me. You were the one wronged and the whole world is now against you. How could you be so selfish, so chatty, so fake, so inconsiderate? How could you ask questions? How could share the secret? How could you lie about the story? How could you tell the other person that people were talking shit about them? How could you?!?! Why would you? They all thought you were better than that, but what about them? How come they betrayed you? How come they can sit and talk shit about you like you just weren’t there a couple days ago? How come they can laugh at your pain? How come they can call you the bad guy and high five each other for being “real” ? Simple. They don’t care. So why exactly should you? I now have no problem with being the bad guy. I’ll take all your shit talking, all the blows to the chest, all the fake love, and the fake expressions. I take it all. Just remember, so will you.

Screw you. All of you. You potential partners and partners that deem our request for more INVALID, Fuck you. Why is it such a big problem that we want to be treated better as lovers? We want to be heard, we want the same love we show you back, we want to be the ONLY ONE not the main or the temporary until you find someone better! SCREW YOU for calling us names and degrading our character simply because we just want to be treated like human beings. Now for you poor excuse of friends and family members: SCREW YOU TO HELL! Yes I said, SCREW YOU RIGHT TO HELL! You specific type of humans are useless! Oh I still wish you guys the best but the karma will come for you all one day and I’ll be DAMNED IF YOU DO NOT SEE ME LAUGHING! Yes, laughing at your pain. Too bad, So Sad. Ive lost all my cares for anyone who fits this category.

They always make us out to be the bad guys but what exactly are they? I mean if they were doing shit right, we wouldn’t have reacted the way we did correct? So what are they? They have made us out to be the horrid ones to anyone who can listen. They laugh at us with their homeboys/girls because we want to love them and they just looking for something quick. Funny.

This time the jokes on them and they are in for a treat.

cause the same ones talking shit, do so-so you can’t see… and the same ones to diss you, turn around and try to make a comeback. HA!

#TheBadGuy .👿

2 thoughts on “The Bad Guy…

  1. Kass says:

    Realest post ever and it speaks volumes. It’s a shame people don’t see the true beauty of someone before it’s too late smh !

    Liked by 1 person

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