Now & Forever

There comes a point in time where enough is enough. You’ve lost the care you once had, the love you once showed, and the desire you once gave. Now you’re cold; immune to the negativity that you just accept it now. Accept that things won’t work out for you, accept that your are who you are, and the world will remain how it is.

Truth or Fiction?

It’s either “Now or never” or “Now and forever.”

Life is filled with SOBs ( sons of bitches) and you just gotta deal with it. You can’t make people change if they do not see where they need to change. People have a way of only seeing their faults when there’s a cloud of tension in a room or when someone who’s actual opinion they value shows them. SOB. Now and forever something has to change: whether it’s your or them; more than likely it will be you.

Standing up for yourself is one of the best feelings in the world: showing people that you are done putting up with the blatant nonchalant attitude that people show you. Where are these people when you’re hungry? Where are these people when you need a shoulder to lean on? Where are these people when you feel like giving up? Where are these people when the bills are stacked too high for you to manage? Where are these people when you want to be loved? Nowhere.

It’s Now or never folks.

Or it’s Now and Forever.

Fuck living for others and live for you and your true loved ones. A “friend” is such a term that is constantly misused to describe the people you hang around. A “lover” is such an undeserving word for someone who doesn’t have your best interest in mind. So fuck em! If you can’t find genuine love and support from your friends, family, or partner…. then FUCK EM! You will continue to be depressed and lash out at the ones who DO have your best interest. You will continue to doubt your worth and second guess your capabilities with the ball of negative people around you. #changethedynamic . If you want more for yourself you gotta demand more! They think you are weak, gullible, and easy to manipulate… show them how wrong they are. Show them your power, dignity, and strength; take the trash in your life to the curb!

It’s Now or Never.

Or Now and Forever folks.

You either nip in the bud now and forever. Or read my words now and never speak on it. Your choice, choose wisely.

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