It all will work out.

Powerful. Just when you seem to think all hope is lost, a blessing comes. Just when you’re about to give up, there’s a change in the air. Ready to throw in the towel but still have energy for one more fight. Powerful.

To be hopeful in such a bleak world is a task nowadays: how does one believe things will be different if life feels like a constant loop of shortcomings? As soon as you feel like you got a good head on your shoulders, some unprecedented challenge or the usual bullshit comes and ruins your high. Nankurunaisa. Remember that the mind is a powerful thing: what you feed it, feeds you. I try to see a glass half full and believe that every trial will soon become a redemption; a stepping stone for a more stronger, wiser, and uplifting version of oneself. Living in a world where our insecurities and flaws are constantly being acknowledged, we naturally dwell on the “poor” qualities of ourselves. Our looks, our wealth, our intelligence, our habits, and even the way we speak is questioned and rated by our fellow man. There’s the problem though: our fellow man. Second guessing your worth because of the opinions of others and changing or adapting to a certain way of life simply because we are tired of being scrutinized for who we are.

So much for freedom…

You’ll never truly be entwined with you star player if you’re too busy focused on others. I am not saying that certain opinions should not be listened to, I’m saying that you should learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Acknowledging your flaws and strengths, wants and needs, and accepting yourself in the end. We have gotten so accustom to being cold-hearted and self-centred. The high society life and picture perfect photos have desensitized us into thinking we are better than each other. It’s time the world grew up.

Life is like a coin, you can spend it on anything you want but you can only spend it once.

Continue to strive for more in life and love, remembering we ALL go through trails and tribulations regardless of class. The pressure of life gets heavy sometimes: unbearable even, but always keep up that hustle! 💫

It all will work out.

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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