Dear Diary

When you don’t get what you want bee you turned into an arse! Why don’t you speak up more or stop letting people get what THEY want? Then because of that you slowly take your frustration out on everything…

What good is that getting you? How is that going to make you rich and more positive? Okay he cute, but y’all want different things so why not cut him off? Yes he feels and looks good but is that all you want? Okay they been your friends for years now but they don’t mean you no good, so why continue to deal with them? Yes they’ve came through for you a few times and made the parties lit but can you really say you trust them?? Sometimes things in life don’t go the way we want and that’s fine… you live and you learn…. but why continue to settle? Why not say okay this didn’t work then I should move on, why wallow? You gotta realize some day SOON that you matter too.

[Bee signed out]

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