Dear Diary

I just want to say, thank you. For all the blessings, trials and tribulations that I’ve been through. Everything happens for a reason, so regardless of what’s going on I want to thank the lord for giving me all these merciful blessings lately. I’ve been up and down about how I wanted to approach certain people but I’ve learned that you must portray the blessings you receive, I’m truly thankful for the more positive days that I’ve been experiencing lately. Although I am still going through ups and down, I am still blessed and highly favored. A bitch has been going through the mud and still trying to come out without any stains. Impossible. It might be but regardless I’m going to hold onto the fact that things change with purpose. My purpose is to move forward with more enlightenment. I’ve learned new things this past month that has opened my eyes to the behavior of myself and others. I wish everyone peace though because there are battles that you have no idea that someone is fighting. All the more reason for me to humble myself and realize that I’m not the only person going through some bullshit. That also means that for all the motherfuckers who are coming for me, they should just chill the fuck out. Do you even have an idea what it feels like to be me? Like walk a mile in my shoes for a second: you’d have bunions. The size wouldn’t fit perfectly, so you’d be upset every time you stepped in my shoes. Let’s strive for more, better. Let’s make new movements and wish better outcome for peoples lives that we’ve been doing now. 2021 is approaching and in all honesty: I want to be more peaceful in the new year. More entuned with the way I live my life. I’ve been stepping out of my usual self lately by asking about and linking up with people I wouldn’t normal ask for or chill with. The anonymity is dead. We all make mistakes and that’s life. I just know that moving forward, it is only up from here.

[Bee signed out]

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