Dear Diary

I’ve made a big decision a couple days ago that may change how the rest of year goes. I’ve been putting it off and also contemplating if I should go through with it… Lately I’ve been back and forth with a few people about how I’ve been treating them and quite frankly I understand. I understand that I don’t not give a fuck anymore. Besides my family, there has only been 3 people who’ve been checking for me during this difficult time. So anyone else’s feelings are not AS important. I’m not saying that I don’t hear them loud and clear: I do need to step up in the friendship department but at the same time what the fuck about them? Should they be doing the same thing too? Anyways…. I’ve decided that I will talk to this guy; once and for all, to finally dead the issues. Get everything off my chest and see what happens from there. I’ve also decided that the old me is gone. I will no longer be the person I’ve been for past decade and I will also no longer be around a few people I’ve known or met in the last decade. change is important for a better life and it’s extremely important for my mental and physical health that I change my life now before it’s too late. I am not doing so good health wise and nobody knows what’s going on but this health issue has opened my eyes and made me realize that life is too short. At any point in time it could be our last so I am going to own this life I have left to live. I wish everyone all the best and I pray we all live long and prosperous lives. 💙

[Bee signed out]

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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