Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Period. Society has really done a number on us by warping people’s mind into thinking you should look a certain way. All that matters is YOU being comfortable in your own skin. Health is the most important thing, always make sure you are staying healthy. This is without shame to people who pay for their body; if you got the dough and that’s what you TRULY want: then go for it. Shout out to the people who go hard in their fitness to look the way they do; amazing. Nonetheless, there shouldn’t be shame on people who’s bodies aren’t “perfect” to you. My boobs hang low but that doesn’t stop me or the men from thinking I’m cute. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. The most I will say to the world is: STAY HEALTHY! Health is key to wealth; and I don’t necessarily mean money. Small, medium, or large we are all amazing creations. Don’t let anyone change your mind on your own beauty.

This goes for men too! You are handsome, wonderful creations that shouldn’t feel ashamed because of what society says is “in” right now. I’ve seen handsome men in every single shade and size: if that isn’t magical, then I don’t know what is. I’ve been attracted to guys with beer bellies and love handles, and guys with six packs and muscles; there no difference. It’s all about how a person makes you feel, their character, and similarities you guys may share. Men own your essence! Don’t think because you look a certain way you can’t go after that beautiful girl. You guys got this, show that confidence.

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