You have to be the change you want to see in the world, it all starts within. I’ve made this hashtag because it truly speaks to me, it made me realize that there were times were I could have changed the dynamic to better the situation, but didn’t. Times where a simple switch in demeanor and decorum could have made things a lot easier for myself and the people around. I’ve been incorporated this slowly into my daily life so that I can become a better person in all walks of life. It is not an easy task to do with all the trials and tribulations of that life has to offer but it’s not unobtainable. It’s not impossible to leave a just life. The main thing is that you never give up on your stride to a better you or a better world. If you’ve been steadily on my blog you would have seen that I’ve used it in a few of my posts and you can understand how it ties in to what I was posting about it. Sometimes life throws bombs on your plans but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on those plans, maybe the universe is showing you that there is another way to go about the things you want in life. The universe could also be telling you that what you want may not be the best thing for you. This also doesn’t mean you give up on those plans; tweak them, try a new route and see if you goals still end up coming into existence. Dynamic is everywhere: it’s how you act in school, work, church, the grocery store, social occasions, meetings, and where ever else you have to interact with different people. It’s also in the way you see life: pollution, politics, health, fitness, religion and more. Changing the dynamic means changing you; putting a better energy out in the world to receive a better energy back. Owning your essence and bossing up on anyone who was doubting your progress. So I hope you guys can join me in pushing this hashtag out and also adapting it into your lifestyle as well.

Let’s #changethedynamic in you and in the world for the better.

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