Scratch an itch!

You heard it hear first folks:

If you ever need to scratch an itch,

scratch and ditch.


This all started because I was having a conversation outside my house with a few of my peoples and as usual the convo turned sexual. No one seems to ever take me serious when I say we have to take back the power that’s between our legs. Why do we keep moving to the beat of the man’s drum and not our own? I’m not trying to have us all gang up against men, you guys are necessities to the world; It’s just that time where women are learning we can do some shit just as well as men can, if not better. For example: the quote above was made because I explained to them that, If I needed some physical attention I’d simply call the last person I slept. If they were available and single, I’d get my nut and cut. No catching up and no cuddles, simply bust and dust. No long talking. Why we always gotta be the ones with all the emotions? Some of us females can handle a one and done situation, especially if we don’t give two shits about the person we are smashing; we just like their asset. I know what you guys are thinking: the last person I slept with was the guy who took my virginity, isn’t it going to be hard to do something like that? NOPE! For a long time after we stopped talking I really couldn’t face him. I’d avoid checking my friend if he was there and stayed inside my house if he was on the block. Now? I don’t give two shits. Only reason he would be the one I called because he was the last person I had an actual connection with; being a demi-sexual, like I explained in an earlier post, I can’t just sleep with a random guy I don’t or didn’t care about. The kicker is, they don’t believe I can do it. HA! I looked over at the one female who was there during the conversation: Sam, she was laughing and saying they don’t know shit about me. FACTS! Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage? Fuck your white horse and a carriage, I find my own transportation. See once I move on, It’s a DUB for any man. Ladies, if you’re going to scratch an itch, scratch and ditch. Call an uber or start up your car before you’ve even finish putting on your clothes, have the man confused as to why you’re leaving so quickly. Sweetie, we got what we came for; the same way you men can constantly take from a woman, we’ve learned the same. In the end, it’s still a win for you guys because hey, you got the p****, but I know you won’t be expecting her to be out the door without a bye before you’ve even put your boxers back on. Pimpin ain’t easy fellas.

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