dear diary

So I’ve been experiencing some fuckery lately with people feeling some time of way about me. My thoughts on that is: sounds like a personal problem. IDGAF. Now, I’m not trying to be mean, even though it sounds that way but my whole thing is how can you know there is a problem when no one pages you on it? Now I’m not talking about the obvious: if you know you’ve fucked up then that’s something different, there’s no point in telling someone they are in the wrong if they already know. The fact that they don’t care would be the problem here. But I genuinely do not know what the issues is but yet for some reason this year I’ve become a hot topic. What is said topic? I don’t even know. This is what I’d say to everyone who has a problem: hit me up. To the people who knows someone who has a problem, I’d say to them: tell them to hit me up. Now for the people who have no genuine issues: they are just fucking dumbass, I’d say to flock off because you are a BIRD! I don’t got the time, energy, or the effort in me to personally address a fucking BIRD! Google using urban dictionary to find out what a bird is in slang. I still find it interesting that people can waste no time to call you out for your shortcomings but consistently remain blind to their own. Fascinating. Seeing as there has been numerous times where people around me have fucked up, I find it interesting that I’m the only bad guy. I wish I could tell these people I got time; I stopped feeling a way towards people a long time, I just don’t give a fuck anymore. No ill-feelings, no grudges, and nothing badminded at all; I’m just gonna do me. So, do you but don’t sit there and act like you’re better only because the world doesn’t know what you’ve done.

[Bee signed out]

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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