Thursday Motivation


Stay untuned with your star player.


Leave all the rest of the bullshit and the people who may be causing the bullshit in the trunk on this drive of your life. That’s where all baggage goes, when it’s time to unload remember that idea isn’t to forget but to move on. The same way you drop off your baggage at the claim and get on a flight, only difference is you don’t pick back up the same luggage when you have reached your destination. Throughout my blog you will see that I will always promote loving yourself and truly taking the time out to care for yourself. I will speak about many other things that might change your mind on who I am but always remember the strive is: becoming better; pushing further into a optimistic future where you can finally feel good about yourself. I believe that it’s time we changed the world for the better and also #changethedynamic on how we respond to the trials and tribulations of life. Since it is also throwback Thursday, think back to a time when you truly believed you were happy, take away the physical form : i.e. if the happiness was because someone else was making you happy. Think of a time when YOU yourself felt comfortable in your own skin. What has changed? Let’s get back into the habit of being honest with ourselves and zero in on what is truly stopping us from our full potential.

I hope we all learn to be untuned with our star player.

Kendrick made a powerful song with an even powerful outro by GLC. Check it out below.

Skip to 3:17 in this song to hear the motivation for Thursday. Powerful Spoken Word.

Apply yourself to supply your wealth, the only limitations you’ll ever have is those that you place upon yourself ~GLC

Apply Yourself To Supply Your Wealth!

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