Switch Up!

3 months left to switch shit up! That self doubting energy is DEAD. Time to get up and get what you want; everything we never had as kids! Screw everyone telling you can’t do it or you’ll never be worth it. You got that star quality! Unlock it and #Changethedynamic. People gon talk all the shit they want and you just keep proving them wrong. Those fake friends, those dysfunctional relationships and those dead end jobs can all be things of the past. Changing your mindset is the first step.

  • Write down your goals
  • Identify the root of your problems
  • Give yourself credit when due
  • Acknowledge the things you can and cannot change
  • Problem solve and compromise when necessary
  • Love yourself
  • Have fun


It’s a WRAP; burrito ! (Shout out the girl that said that on Maury; ICONIC!) Let’s cut the bull**** and get into it! Hungry mode! One thing I realized is that you can’t always count on other people to be there for you, to support you, love you, or respect you. With that being said, fuck em. The main goal is to make yourself happy. It may sound selfish but how can you help someone up if you, yourself are down? Same way they tell you on a plane to put YOUR mask on first before helping another in case of an emergency. I came a long way from where I was before, but I’m still not where I want to be. Tis the season to switch shit up! Worrying about people who don’t have your best interest in mind, stays in September. Giving your all to someone who doesn’t appreciate it, stays in September. Stalling on getting your health right, stays in September. Holding back, stays in September. We focused on the better life: body, mind, and soul. So my readers, if you are dealing with some stupid disrespectful humans; it’s time to check them. You’ve been holding back enough and it’s been taking it’s toll subconsciously. HUNGRY MODE! Start putting all that effort and love into yourself and I promise it will be more profitable than anyone else has to offer. Win for yourself and bring along the right set of people who have been truly holding it down for you. Shout out my few people too, y’all up when I’m up. My focus is my mind, my God, my money, and my family. So everyone who ever diss, sit back and enjoy the show. Me, my readers, and my peoples are going to show all you hoes what’s really good.

With a final touch of the calm side, welcome to the wild side. Fragile people: going forward you might want to avoid certain posts, yah girl is officially in season. 🚀

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