Liesa manelli .

So I’ve experienced some sort of love. I’ve lied and said I’ve never been in love with someone but to be honest, when I look back at it… I think it might have been love of some sort for me to be so stupid. Blinded by one of his many masks, I started doing things I’d NEVER do. He made me feel special, beautiful, desired, important, and more at first.. He taught me a lot of things about life and it’s many lessons, this was one for the books.

The Lesson

One of those type of vibes where everything comes natural; I wasn’t shy around him at all, we always had fun. Started talking, went on a few dates, and spent a few nights together: good times. I was falling, there was something about him that was so captivating. Those hypnotic eyes alone were a problem, I tried to compose myself as much as I could. Things started to get a little bit more intense: sleepovers, thousands of dollars spent between us, suspicions and thoughts of losing my virginity. Something wasn’t right though. The lesson: go with your gut. I knew something was off but at the same time I was caught up. He did enough to make me feel like I was important but at the same time, certain shit wasn’t adding up. He gave me a bracelet for my birthday one year: flashy but it was beautiful. Not really my style because I don’t really wear jewelry but it’s the thought that counts right? Turns out he had a fiance and a child on the way and the way I found out was crazy enough. I took the bracelet he gave me and pawned it; used the money and threw a HUGE BBQ at my house that weekend. I had dislocated my shoulder at work the same week I found out and had gotten a WSIB check for my missed days, I used that as my excuse instead of telling where I really got the money from. Moral of the story, follow your gut or your guardian angel who is telling you that this life isn’t for you. Wait on your true blessings to present themselves to you. We rush to find love and to be accepted in a world that is truly cold. Have patience and remember you are worth more than what you are receiving. Blessings.

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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