Dear Diary

These people really aren’t making it easy for me. Just when you think you’ve gotten a hold of those feelings you had for someone, the world gives you a SWIFT box in the face with them when you least expect it. Someone telling you they were talking about you, you hearing a song that you used to listen to with that person ALL time, or having a good memory tainted because someone who’s no longer in your life was apart of it. Whatever the case, ya’ll need to let a bitch breathe man. I got enough on my plate for me to be worried about someone who may or may not be thinking about me. Regardless of the situation, now that the topic is here I want to say my last piece and then I’m done…. If someone truly cared for you the way everyone around you would like you to believe, then how come they still ain’t acting right? Sure, 30 percent of me misses him but the other 70 percent is like bitch RUN! It’s been two weeks of constant conversation about him, everyone even wants me to write him a letter; make sure he’s good, express how I feel, and hear his side of the story. Do I wanna do all of that though?

[Bee signed out]

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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