Although I have not finished it, I was reading a book called “The Awakening of Intelligence” by J. Krishnamurti and it talks a lot about how we define “self.” How we portray our character to the world and how we can; in a way, free ourselves from our minds. Perspective was talked about the most from what I’ve read because it’s key to how we operate in the world. Take a simple tree: we don’t truly stop to admire that it’s alive, it’s a HUGE source of our oxygen, it’s beautiful, it’s magical, and it’s nature. How often do you explore nature? How often do you surf the net? Which is the most beneficial? Tough question because there is a massive amount of information on the web very useful to mankind, right? Then again there wouldn’t be no mankind without nature. This book in a way jump started my slow transformation, it’s been a rough road. My anger is the worst part, I can’t seem to grasp hold of it because you never know when it’s gonna strike. Something small, a simple irritation and I’m at 100. It took time for me to realize that it’s all internal, something is going on in the background. For starters: my health was shit, I don’t eat any of the good things you should eat, my mental health was shit because I held too much in, my finances were garbage because I tried to live a life that I KNEW I couldn’t afford, and my love life………….. let’s just move on. Turns out what helped me back in the day is helping me today; a journal. I started writing out my thoughts, reading more helpful books and surfing the web for information on helping me ease my mind. That’s when I landed upon yoga and frequency music. I have insomnia; my mind does not shut off as easily as everyone else’s at night so I looked up things that could help with sleep.

Boom! 432hz music is the top one right now for sleep. The video I have embed is the one I use nightly to fall asleep and I’m telling you before it’s finished I’m out! Another reason why I’ve always wanted to study the brain, the brainwaves in our head whenever we listen to music is powerful. That’s why it’s always important to make sure you are playing the right music into your head, the music of today is super demonic and depressing; it’s partly to blame for some of the issues with the world. Learning this new information just brought me back to how I used classical music to study. I watched a documentary and then see a study where they conducted tests to see if there was a difference in someone’s brain when a certain sound is played. Powerful. After I found out about sleep, I wanted to find something for a more day-to-day situation which lead me to different video that was perfect for my morning yoga and stretches.

Not only is this video perfect for mediation but you can truly feel the different aura in the room when you use this for exercise. I’ve incorporated this video into “Come stretch with Becs” because I know way too many people who don’t stretch but have ailments. Follow me on Instagram if you ever want to join my live. [ Visit Contact page for Instagram page ] These two new things have truly turned my life around: yoga has made me feel more confident and fluent, while the frequency music has helped ease my mind in the toughest times. I highly recommend both if you want something that’s going to make your body feel and look better, help you channel your energy in a better way, and overall improve your health; mentally and physically. The links are there for you to try, comment below and let me know how they work.


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