People always have their own views on who you are. I don’t know about anyone else but 8x out of 10 they are wrong about me. It’s tiring to try and explain where you are coming from simply because people see how you always react to a situation; never knowing that 9x out of 10 it’s actually all a front. I’ve lied about how I’ve felt when someone hurt my feelings, when someone has disrespected me, when someone has abused me, and many more; so what makes you think you have an accurate depiction of who I am? People I still chill with to this day have hurt me and I’ve put on such a good cover that they probably don’t even remember what they did wrong. That ship has sailed though because I’m telling you: whoever is reading this; THAT PAIN EATS YOU! NOT THEM! You lay awake at time thinking of the hurt, shame, sadness, and disgust because of what has taken placed. You go out and put on a brave face but deep down you are sick of being treated like garbage and SHOULD demand more respect for yourself. I’ve been through enough in life to know that the character I have adapted for myself is toxic. It’s unhealthy not only for my own being but towards the people around me who have done nothing wrong. It’s kind of the reason I made this blog, to truly grasp the hurt and disappointment I’ve been through and free my mind. Bring back the bubbly and down to earth woman that everyone who truly knows my personality can vouch for and become the woman I always dreamed of being. As women we hold on for too long and that’s what truly ends up hurting the most; the constant memories and the ” what ifs” make us second guess the decisions we make in our life, without knowing that most time it is NOT our fault. Accept the problems we are to blame for and accept the problems we cannot fix. Let’s #changethedynamic and become a better version of ourselves. I pray for blessings and healing to all my viewers.

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Beginner Blogger. Starting something new that I’ve been putting off for a while. Canada.

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