Welcome to “The Real Truth”

On a journey to find herself, she was met with many stumbling stones in her path. Determined, ready, and willing for a change, she has decided to lay all her cards on the table and come clean.

There’s always more to the story and there’s always time to turn things around.

These are her stories and these are her points of view.

Viewers Discretion is Advised. Not Suitable for Kids!

Another Experience.

Lying awake in the early hours of the morning, I had stumbled upon a few reels on Instagram about “angel numbers.” People we’re going back and forth in the comments about how they’ve been seeing them more often and also how they’ve been noticing some things about their life now. Paranormal and energy related things. […]

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Dear Diary

July 27. 12:58am The message you need to hear always comes in a random moment. A reel on IG telling me: be careful of what you say to yourself and your train of thought. Words are powerful! Speaking positive and uplifting things to yourself with change your like drastically. Understand that YOU are your biggest […]

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Some wake up calls come from the sudden realization that the way you are living is not how you should. It’s like you finally get some clarity on a situation you are in and now it’s all about taking the right steps to get out of it. As much as she wanted love, she actually […]

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The art of your spirit.

Spiritually. In all walks of life, give thanks for the journey. Although the battle might be a long and tedious one, in the name of the father: may we win the war! No matter who you may or may not believe, thank the heavens for your life and the lives of your loved ones. We […]

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The art of your mind

Mentally. One of the most powerful organs any species possess: the brain. The mind. So uplifting but yet so damaging. What you feed it, feeds you. The task at hand is to hone in on that “mind power” and start making the positive changes to your life with positive thinking. The world believes in manifestation: […]

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Dear Diary

I have a gift and a curse: my gift is I can see where the situationship is going to go with men wayyy ahead of time but my curse is I also still give them the benefit of the doubt. How fun. Like yeah…. lemme see if you’re worth it even though I already know […]

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The art of your body.

Physically. To my stella and stellar people of the world, change starts from within, you have to be mindful of the things you always put inside your body. No matter what your physical built is, the main idea is to be healthy. It’s more than okay to love the skin you are in but at […]

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The art of your surroundings.

Socially. We don’t understand that socially our environment needs to change. We have to switch up the dynamic in our lives by taking care of the energy around us at all times. There’s so much to life that we don’t have to settle for people treating us less than or feeling down because of the […]

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Motivational Week*

Good morning and happy Sunday Folks. This week is going to be strictly about staying motivated or increasing your motivational drive for a better life. This week we will be touching on the 4 aspects of life: mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Starting tomorrow, I will making motivational posts that have to do with each […]

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Today’s post poses the question: do you truly seek forgiveness? We all fall short in certain areas in our life and asking someone of forgiveness is inevitable as humans. No one is perfect, that’s for sure. What is forgiveness? When you ask someone to forgive you what are you really expecting them to do? What […]

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